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Nicaragua Project:

Project History

In August 2009, EWB–UH sent a small team of engineering students to survey small communities in the San Francisco Libre municipality in Nicaragua. Through interaction with community members and leaders, we identified several opportunities to work  with the village of Telpochapa, a town situated north of  Lake Managua. We were involved in a town meeting to prioritize their needs and evaluate available resources and the feasibility of projects. A schoolhouse structure became the focal priority for the community. For the next few months we conducted research for possible solutions and strategies appropriate for our resources and skills, as well as those of the community.

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A team of 5 students and one working engineer conducted Site Assessment trip to the community in March 2010. The objectives of the trip were to collect relevant and detailed technical, social, cultural, and economic information to build a primary school as part of an education program. In August 2012 another team of students and a mentor traveled to Nicaragua to lay down the concrete foundation for the structure.

Project Currently

We have finished our last implementation trip and helped to get all necessary supplies and work done. The school House is now nearing the final stages of completion.

Project Future

We plan to have at least a 5 year commitment with the community according to EWB-USA’s policy. We also hope to look for new projects with the community and to look for new opportunities.

Project Leaders

Conner Judson

James Schouten

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