Houston, Texas

3D Prosthetic Hands

Design Phase 38%

Local Project

As a part of our mission to serve our local community, we are partnering with UH Biomedical Engineering Society and working to develop a 3D hand for prosthetic use by a member of the Houston community. The recipient was found and we are designing our hand based on her personal lifestyle and measurements. 

Recipient Profile

Our recipient is a recent graduate with Amniotic Band Syndrome. Her arm is amputated from below her elbow joint, and she has never had a prosthetic limb. Our 3D hand will be used on the recipient’s left arm. Her daily needs that we aim to meet include carrying/holding daily items, along with being able to cook more efficiently. She also wants to achieve a more active lifestyle, and would like for the prosthetic to assist in operating and moving gym equipment.

Project Timeline

Recipient Search – Completed

Design Phase – In progress

Part Printing




Final Fitting