Valle Valerio, Nicaragua

Water Distribution Project


The village of Valle Valerio in Nicaragua has an outdated water system that no longer sustains the community. The current pump is past its expected lifespan, the water quality can be improved, and the current distribution system is not designed to provide water to the whole community. The current system also lacks a method to track water usage and the drinking water has traces of E. Coli that should be removed. Lastly, the existing tank is on disputed land.


The University of Houston chapter aims to improve the quality of life of the Valle Valerio community by improving the current infrastructure so that every member in the community has access to clean drinking water.


In order to achieve this goal the possible solutions we have considered are:

  1. Replacing the existing water tank
    • The original tank was on disputed land, so Sofonic (Nicaraguan non-profit that builds water tanks in Nicaragua)
    • donated a new tank to the project under the condition construction begins by March 2023
  1. Extending the system:

    • Extending the distribution system as a gravity fed pipeline.
    • Extending the distribution and pumping the water to the extended portion.
    • Leaving the pipeline as is.
    • Improving the chlorination system.
  1. Ensuring the water quality is up to WHO standards

Construction Phase 70%



Project Cost Breakdown


Estimated Cost

Actual Cost

CO Supplemental Data Gathering Trip (10.2022)



EWB UH Chapter Trip (1.2023)



Phase I – New Tank & Pipeline 

Remote Implementation (2.2023)



Phase II – Distribution Pipe (8.2024)

 and Bridge (8.2025)



Monitoring and Evaluation (8.2026)



Total Project Cost



Proposed partners


  • Victorino Centeno – President

  • Doris  – AVODEC representative 

  • Daniel – Project Engineer


  • Yara Cecil Zelaya –  Community Contact 

  • William Antonio Molina Guido – Treasurer

  • Maria Lourdes Molina Guido – Secretary

  • Marlon Francisco Jiron Molina – Fiscal.

  • Diana del Carmen Rodriguez Guido – Vocal. 

In country EWB office

Professional Houston Chapter


Contact Person

Project Lead – Lupita Herrera –  +1 (979) 429-4194

Project Design Process

  1. Assessment Pre-Trip Plan                                                                                                           Spring 2021

    1. Identify the scope of the project

    2. Identify partners involved in this project

    3. Analyze project feasibility

    4. Identify existing data and required data needed to complete the project

    5. Identify Indicators and beneficiary analysis terms to measure success of the project

  2.  Data Analysis and Scope Development (Assessment Post-Trip Report)                            

 Fall 2022

  1. Analyze pre-assessment trip results and data collected. 

  2. Identify data required to complete the project

  3. Re-evaluate project feasibility 

  4. Re-evaluate Indicators and beneficiary analysis terms to measure success of the project


  1. Alternative Analysis                                                                                                                       Fall 2022

    1. Identify design criteria

    2. Draft, description, sketch, cost estimate, maintenance plan, materials lists, local staff list, and phases of at least 3 alternatives

  2. Implementation Plan

    1. Select best of proposed alternative solutions

    2. Draft design description of existing infrastructure and proposed facilities

    3. Identify design methodology and list of standards and codes used

    4. Form a list of calculations and material specifications

    5. Draft construction budget

    6. Draft Construction Safety Plan

  3. Facilitate all on-site construction

    1. Procurement of construction materials

  4. Implementation Post-Trip 

    1. Draft description of construction activities

    2. Analyze material testing results and system performance data

    3. Identify changes to operation and maintenance plan

    4. Analyze indicators and beneficiary analysis results.

  5. Monitoring & Evaluation Pre-Trip 

    1. Draft a summary of completed structures

    2. Identify a list of proposed repairs and the reasoning for repair

    3. Summarize data collected

  6. Monitoring & Evaluation Post-Trip 

    1. Analyze results of data collection

    2. Evaluate success of project based on indicators, beneficiary analysis and project impact

  7. Project Completion

    1. Organize, plan and record matters related to project management and construction communications

Every Drop Counts

Currently, EWB-UH is working with Valerio, another small community in Nicaragua, on a project to redesign and improve their wells, water pumps, storage capacity, and distribution system. We have established community contacts, specific community needs, and community demographics. The next phase of the project is to conduct an assessment trip to the community itself to gather survey data, logistics research, design input, and objective clarification, as well as providing the opportunity to build community relationships. Once the data is gathered, we will begin working to design a water distribution system that will meet all of the community’s needs. 



All together, this project has the potential to provide approximately 900 people with constant access to clean water using a simple and sustainable system.By completing this project, much needed water will be distributed to a total of 900 community members right To  their doorstep. The families of the community will be able to use this water to drink, wash their hands, and bathe just as we all are able to. The need of this water distribution project has been a top concern of the community. However, the community lacks the resources and technical skills to tackle their problem. That is where the University of Houston Chapter comes in. Working alongside the community, the University of Houston Chapter strives to make this dream, a reality.

Project Impact

  • A total of about 900 people
    with reliable access to water
  • Safer water to drink
  • Healthier Community
  • Better quality of life
  • Community equipped with
    skills to manage system
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